Arx Tennebrosae

“In the shadows of 2075, life is a fleeting commodity. When those shadows are cast by the towering edifice of a megacorporation like Aztechnology, blood becomes cheaper than water and life an afterthought.”

Fleeing your former home in the CAS, your group of shadowrunners has started fresh in Seattle. Political turmoil makes for rich pickings in the shadows, at least for those willing to get their hands a bit dirty. You can only hope that you’ll be able to live with the consequences of whatever you are forced to do.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead, you will be tested. Your cunning, wits, intelligence, and fortitude are formidable, but will they be enough? Will you live or die beneath the towering, uncaring canyons of steal and stone?

Previously, you faced threats you would have thought inconceivable. Now, you face off against even greater dangers. Political turmoil has filled the streets with blood and turned neighbor against neighbor. Old enemies lurk, seeking your destruction. New allies could betray you at the drop of a pin.

And whispers abound… hinted at in only the deepest of shadows. A strange discovery that could change everything.

Arx Tennebrosae

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