Arx Tennebrosae

Campaign Created

Now for the hard part...

Finally bit the bullet and set up an Obsidian Portal page for our campaign. Once I get everybody invited, I’ll start using this page much more frequently.

Things this campaign portal will have (in no particular order):
- Maps of campaign locations
- A wiki of GM rulings and any other rules stuff the party might want to store
- A “Jackpoint Log,” where players can see the latest happenings on Jackpoint, and post their own responses
- Listings of contacts, for both my reference and the players’
- Listings of NPCs that the PCs have encountered, and what is ‘commonly known’ by the party.

What this will not have:
- My GM notes
- Future plot information/spoilers
- Information on NPCs that the PCs do not have access to in game


cehowe cehowe

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